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We Don't Have A Glare Problem. There's Just Too Much Light Coming In.

Glare = Light. Here's why window film can provide the relief you need without impacting those airy, light-filled spaces.

Well, believe it or not glare IS the very definition of too much light.

According to the dictionary glare means "to shine with a harsh, uncomfortably brilliant light". So, when you have too much light coming into your workspace or office you are in fact, suffering from too much glare. Here are some key points to keep in mind, as you move throughout your home or office, wondering why you're squinting.


Intolerable Conditions For Screens

The sun is crazy bright, and too much sunlight can make it challenging to see tv and computer screens, causing headaches, and hamper productivity at work. Unprotected windows result in intolerable glare conditions for more than 50% of annual daylight hours.


Winter Is The Worst

About 90% of sunlight is reflected off the snow in the winter. When you combine this reflection with the sun's low angle in the sky, winter is the worst time of year for glare. Which explains why you might be reaching for the shades, blinds and sunnies more frequently during the work, living hours.


Speaking Of Sunnies...

Your favorite pair of sunnies that you won't leave the house without? That's glare reduction, in action. A dark pair of glasses allows our pupils to open so you can stop squinting and see more details without compromising your view.


Here's How Window Film Can Help

Our line of VISTA® LLumar Films provide the same type of protection as sunglasses - easing the glare inside your home, office, retail space and business. High-performing window films are able to filter the excessive light that causes headaches and too much reflection on screens - without negatively impacting the overall look - providing more comfort for your family, staff, customers and employees.


At SOLARIS, we enhance glass performance with window film and transform commercial and residential spaces into protected, safe, and beautiful environments. Head here to schedule an appointment.


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