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Security Window Film For Schools, Institutions & Homes: Here's What You Need To Know

"Security window film can help prevent or mitigate mass shootings by delaying forced entry, reducing visibility, and containing spall." - The Federal Commission on School Safety

Glass doors and windows are particularly vulnerable to unwanted intruders, but retrofitted security window films can help slow progress. These specialty window films help to protect students, staff, employees and family members by improving the building's glazing security.

Security (or safety) window film is applied to glass doors and windows in the same way as a traditional window film - the adhesive bonds the film and glass together. When an intruder attempts entrance, the film will keep the glass shards in place, rather than simply shattering - and drastically slows progress

Starting a dialogue around security isn't easy. Here's information that may help bridge awareness regarding forced entry through glass openings and how your school, institution, business or home can benefit from safety window film applications.





How It Helps: The Risk of Visibility

When it takes too long to break a window, there is a higher likelihood of the intruder being seen by security personnel or captured on cameras.

When faced with frustration because the glass didn't immediately shatter, many intruders will leave the premises. They will have planned to gain entrance through glass windows and doors within seconds.

Security window film makes the intruder spend TOO MUCH TIME trying to break the glass. That risk of visibility increases the chance of being seen by cameras, security personnel, staff or neighbors - eliminating the power of surprise. And many times, the intruders will simply move on to easier, more accessible targets.

With window film installed, it creates a powerful and strong adhesive bond with the glass surface - this bond is what creates the delay in gaining immediate and unfettered access inside your home, business, school or institution.


Why It's Important: Time

When every second counts.

Because the security window film caused the intruder to spend more time trying to gain access - it did nothing to mitigate the sound OR visibility. Trying to break into a building is still very noisy and very obvious - and the longer they attempt to break through the window film, the longer occupants have to retreat to safety or call for emergency assistance.

Glass without a safety or security window film installed is easily broken, making it the first target for perpetrators and the weakest link in the chain of school safety and building perimeter security. When properly installed on higher-quality, multiple-paned windows (double or triple) security window film has been proven to delay intruders by up to 6 minutes.

Those additional seconds, and even minutes, can provide staff, employees, students, and family members the additional time they need to find cover, exit the building and make important, life-saving phone calls to security personnel.


Security Resources

Indiana, Texas and Tennessee all have security window film laws or grant programs to support security measures for public school buildings and charter schools.


Since being signed into law in 2013, the Indiana Secured School Safety Grant (SSSG) Program has served as a critical resource to ensure Hoosier schools are safe and secure. The program has awarded about $133 million in matching grants to Indiana school districts across the state to address potential safety threats and help them prepare. The program supports a dedicated state grant fund that provides matching grants to school corporations, accredited non-public schools, charter schools or a coalition of school corporations.


The Federal Commission on School Safety and the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission report both recommend security window film for schools. Following the Uvalde tragedy, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) mandated safety and security window film in schools. Security window film can help prevent or mitigate mass shootings by delaying forced entry, reducing visibility, and containing spall.


In May of 2023 Tennessee released the following legislation:

"Public school buildings and charter school buildings will be required to have installed a clear, bullet-resistant or entry-resistant film on the glass panel of each exterior entry or basement level window and door to prevent individuals from entering the school building without authorization by breaking the glass in an exterior entry or basement level window or door."


If you're ready to prioritize safety for your campus or institution, please consider reviewing these links to better understand the legal requirements for schools within Indiana, Texas and Tennessee.


Prioritize student, staff, and employee safety. Institutions across Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Ohio have entrusted SOLARIS to assess vulnerabilities and provide proven aftermarket glass solutions, with security window film.


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